1 Step Process

For one step process:

Mix your henna paste in a bowl and allow it to develop. The longer your henna paste sits and dye is released, the more red the outcome will be. Allow your henna paste to sit for between 2 and 6 hours depending upon your desired results. When your henna paste is allowed to sit a sufficient amount of time, mix the henna paste with indigo paste together. Mix your indigo paste before you are going to apply in a separate bowl.Apply to your hair and allow to remain on your hair for 3 hours.A 50/50 henna and indigo mix will typically create the black shades to hair.

The one-step process creates a more gradual coloring of the hair and with each application, your hair will deepen and darken in color. If you chose the one-step process to cover gray, understand that your white hair may not become completely black with the first application. But with patience and repeat application, all of your hair will darken to the desired color.

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